Bigme inkNote color Lite--10.3inch Kaleido 3 Color E ink Tablet
  Bigme inkNote color Lite--Kaleido 3 Color E ink Tablet is an ideal device for reading comics and working on the go. It features a latest kaleido 3 screen for a vivid color display, with text resolution of 300PPI in...
$499.00 $439.00
Bigme inkNote color+ -Kaleido3 10.3'' E-noto
Trajtoj: BW:226PPI/Koloro:117PPI DPI:B/N 1404*1872/ Koloro 936*702 2.3GHz okkerna A53 EMR: Wacom RAM/Interna: 6GB+128GB Duobla Mikrofono Fotilo: Antaŭa 5MP/ Malantaŭa 8MP 2.4G/5G WIFI, BT5.0 Fingrospura Sensilo Bateria kapablo: 4000 mAh Malfermu Android 11 OS-sistemon Tutmonda manskribo
$699.00 $599.00
Bigme Galy- La unua ekrano Gallery3 de 8 coloj de la mondo
Trajtoj: Koloro: 300PPI DPI: 1920*1440 Galerio3 ekrano CPU: 2.3GHZ okkerna RAM/Interna: 6GB+128GB Fotilo: Antaŭa 5MP/ Malantaŭa 8MP 4 pecoj Mikrofono Malŝlosu fingrospuron 2.4G/5G WIFI, BT5.0 Bateria kapablo: 3000mAh Malfermu Android 11 OS-sistemon Tutmonda manskribo La veraj recenzoj de japanaj blogantoj-...
$699.00 $669.00
7.8'' Kaleido 3 Color E-note --Bigme S6 Color+
The S6 Color+ is equipped with Kaleido 3 color Eink screen, which is great for viewing and editing full colour PDF files. You can also freehand draw and take notes, with a wider colour gamut. Not to mention, digital magazines,...
$479.00 $409.00
Bigme 7'' B751C Color Epaper notepad with case and stylus
The B751 Color features a 7-inch E INK Carta 1200 e-paper display with a resolution of 1264×1680 with 300 PPI for black and white content. The colour screen provides a resolution of 632×840 with 150 PPI. You can display text...
Guoyue K3 Color -- 10.3 inch Kaleido 3 Color E-ink display without Camera
The Guoyue K3 Color comes with a 10.3-inch E Ink Kaleido 3 display. The display specs should be familiar by now, including support for 4096 colours and 300 PPI resolution in Black and White mode, which drops down to 150...
$479.00 $419.00
GUOYUE V6 Color with Color E-ink Kaleido 3 E-reader
The Guoyue V6 Color features a 7.8-inch E Ink display based on-cell Kaleido 3 colour e-paper.  You can view colour content at 150 PPI, and it can display over 5k different colours. If you read black-and-white content alone, you will...
$359.00 $339.00
Bigme S6 color +Lite-7.8inch Kaleido 3 E-notepad
            Features: B/W:300PPI, Color:150PPI DPI:B/W 2480*1860/ Color 1240*930 CPU:8Core 2.3GHZ Camera:Front 5MP/ Rear 8MP RAM/Internal:4GB+64GB Double Microphone Fingerprint Unlock 2.4G/5G WIFI ,BT5.0 Battery capacity:3000mAh Open android 11 OS system Global handwrting
$419.00 $349.00
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