B251 Monitor new firmware released !


Huge update

Since the crowdfunding release of the world’s first 25.3" color e-ink monitor/all-in-one PC, it has received support and favor from many global e-ink enthusiasts. In order to bring a more pleasant user experience, we have recently released a major update.

We have made key optimizations in many aspects that everyone cares about, such as mouse movement speed, display clarity, refresh rate, convenience of display refresh control, and freely adjustable resolution and scaling ratio. The following is a summary in the form of a graphic tutorial. You can easily complete the PC tool burning according to the guide.If you are interested,start experiencing it first.

The Monitor PC Burning Tool:


Use the PC tool to burn to the latest firmware version. After the burning is successful, you can immediately feel the obvious increase in mouse movement speed. At the same time, you can conveniently control the refresh through the PC tool. The display is clearer and the refresh rate is faster.

Optimize the mouse movement speed

Faster refresh and clearer display
The display is clearer and more comfortable.

You can control the display refresh through the PC tool.

Firmware Burning Steps

Bigme attaches great importance to the user’s product experience. the optimization and upgrade of the refresh rate and control of the world’s first 25.3" color e-ink monitor/all-in-one has further enhanced user’s pleasure in using the device. This is the core concept of after-sales service that Bigme has always adhered to since its establishment - continuous value-added services.

More outstanding features and optimization upgrades will be launched one after another, so stay tuned. Let’s work together to do better, just for you, to meet a stronger self!





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