Bigme's founder and core team have been dedicated to the entire industry chain of E ink screen products since 2008, with a strong focus on R&D, manufacturing, branding, and retail.Through 15 years of continuous development and transformation, Bigme has become a leading brand in the color E ink screen industry, having deeply cultivated seven generations of color ink screens. The range of color E ink screen products includes: 7-inch, 7.8-inch, 8-inch, 10.3-inch AINote, and 25.3-inch monitor.We have launched two campaigns on Kickstarter, including inkNote and Galy, which reached an extraordinary total of $1.2 million in crowdfunding. Now, Bigme is also the first to launch a 25.3-inch all-in-one color E-ink desktop computer. This cutting-edge device sets a new benchmark with its faster refresh speed, superior display color, intelligent control options, seamless connectivity, and the inclusion of the Windows 11 operating system.From a global standpoint, we have successfully established over 100 offline experience stores in China and distributed more than 5 million E ink screen products to more than 100 countries and regions.

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