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7.8’’ Compact Design

Kaleido 3 Display with Bigme's proprietary automatic ghosting elimination algorithm for better reading, web browsing, and video streaming experience.

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Kaleido 3 Color E-note

300 PPI for B&W and 150 PPI for color content that presents a vivid paper-like and eye-friendly display for reading, writing, and sketching.


8'' Gallery 3 color ePaper

300PPI in Color and B/W mode . World's Frist Gallery 3 Screen/Dual Camera/Open Android 11. Bring you to a New Level of Color.


10.3'' Kaleido 3 Color E-reader

10.3'' Kaleido 3 Color E ink Tablet with large 6+128GB storage and dual camera,open Android 11 OS.

Bigme, as a leading manufacturer and developer of ink screen products for over a decade. Our range of products includes a variety of color ink screens, black and white ink screens, and screens in multiple sizes to cater to different office, entertainment, and educational needs.

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inkNote Color Plus


The software is also very nice. You have a few bugs, but they are very important, and I still like your software more than my Boox Nova Air C: your user interface feels better and more natural!

Thursday, May 18, 2023



I think Gallery 3 might be better in Linux. I personally just want 300 dpi, color with the highlights/ drawing, and color in photos. Why would someone want an iPad e-ink device? But, I do want a fast refresh and fast page turning.



Saturday, May 13, 2023

S6 Color


So is the Bigme S6 color the absolutely perfect e-reader for all circumstances? No. But it's pretty close for some. At 7.8" It's the perfect size for carrying into the field and taking notes out in the sun. It has a decent back camera. And, importantly, It has built-in software to manage the camera so the camera can be used for something other than just a document scanning device.

S6 Color


Wednesday, March 15, 2023

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