World's Frist Android 13 Color E ink Tablet--inkNoteX color coming soon !

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High-performance configuration

(1)More powerful processor-- MediaTek Dimensity 900 octa-core 2.4GHz

It equipped with the powerful MediaTek Dimensity 900 Octa-core A78 2.4GHz chip, it runs faster and has superior processing performance. With a large storage capacity of 6+128GB, it supports TF card expansion up to 1TB, making multitasking more effortless and smooth.

MediaTek Dimensity 900 octa-core 2.4GHz

World's First Android 13 , Safer,Smoother and more power-saving

Its equipped with the world's first Android 13 OS, which supports download of most third-party applications. It has better compatibility and adaptability,more secure privacy, faster and smoother system response, and the new battery management function is more power-saving.
Android 13 OS

High-performance dual cameras - efficient for scanning/selfies

Front and rear high-definition cameras, easily for selfies/scanning, etc., quickly scan and recognize various documents into editable electronic versions, making office work more efficient.

Dual Camera

Smart Magnetic Stylus Pen----Real Paper-like Handwriting Experience

Equipped with a patented smart magnetic stylus pen, it is silky smooth, without delay and without stuttering, perfectly comparable to the handwriting experience of paper books, making notes, office work, etc. efficient, and bringing back the fun of handwriting.


Smart stylus pen


Kaleido 3 display combines with Bigme self-developed patented technology.

(1)Color e-ink screen, clearer display

 The latest Kaleido 3 color e-ink screen technology with 300PPI in black and white, 150PPI in color for clearer display , vibrant colors, and more delicate and soft.

Kaleido 3 display

(2)Bigme’s self-developed three major patented technologies

xRapid---Adopting the latest developed xRapid super fast refresh algorithm technology for faster refresh rate,and the maximum refreshing rate is increased by about 16% and the fastest rate can be up to 15 fps in Normal Mode and Extreme Mode.

Super fast refresh rate
xColor---Adopting Bigme's self-developed xColor color management algorithm for clearer display and brighter colors.Color contrast, brightness, and text blackness are comprehensively improved, making the experience more comfortable and pleasant.
Vibrant colors
xClear---Bigme's self-developed xClear automatic ghosting elimination technology can reduce page turning ghosting by up to 50%, greatly reducing ghosting interference and making the experience more comfortable.
Auto ghosting elimination

Powerful value-added function experience

(1)Free AI ,voice to text,AI summary,AI Chat, AI Composition,AI Draw ,AI translate and so on .

The accuracy rate of voice-to-text is over 98%, and supports translation and transliteration in 37 languages. AI summarization, AI chat, Smart creation, AI drawing, smart translation and other smart applications are more efficient and comprehensively improve office efficiency.
Smart meeting records

(3)Notes+ Let creativity flow freely

Note+ supports layers, canvas, lasso and other various and practical functions. It has 100+ practical note templates covering all scenes, creation at will, play to your heart's content.
Note taking

(4)Multi-cloud synchronization,access all your work — anywhere.

Muti-cloud synchronization

Parameter comparison

Parameter comparison

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