Bigme New products and New features released in 2023

Bigme New products and New features released in 2023


In the past year, Bigme has released many important new products and features.

The family team is growing larger.

In addition, Bigme has accomplished many ‘big things’.

Let’s review together the ‘big events’ of Bigme in 2023 that are noteworthy.


In 2023, Bigme released a total of 5 new products including inkNote Color+, S6, inkNote Color+lite, B251 color e-ink all-in-one PC and monitor, B751. We also crowdfunded the world’s first 25.3" color e-ink all-in-one B251 and monitor , and each product series released firmware updates more than 120 times. There are also ‘advanced’ features and breakthrough system applications launched…

Let’s summary and report on what Bigme did in 2023.

1.Launch New Products.


New products released in 2023


2. Firmware Upgrade.

Continuous value-added and improve after-sales service

Bigme places great emphasis on the user’s experience with the device. A comprehensive after-sales service system and the ability to provide continuous value-added services are key factors for most users’ choices. In 2023, to meet the broad user demand for more new features and the improvement and upgrade of existing features, different series of Bigme products have completed multiple firmware upgrades, bringing everyone a more outstanding device experience.

Notes/Meeting records

1. The transcription window for meeting records supports hiding, expanding the handwriting area; supports speed playback of recordings and background recording functions.
2. Added ‘Notes+’, which supports layers, canvas, lasso, zoom, editable notes, etc.
3. The UI and functions of the meeting record notes have been updated, making writing more convenient and quick.


1. The xReader reading engine interface and functions have been optimized and upgraded, with the addition of an online font dictionary, day and night modes, comprehensively improving the reading experience.


1. Added features such as customizable floating ball, application sorting and merging groups, application freezing,online tts, and usage guide (in Application Center -> Usage Guide).
2. The smart stylus button adds full refresh and photo taking functions.
3. The built-in PinyinIME input method supports handwriting input in multiple languages.
4. Cloud files add Baidu cloud disk, supporting file and note upload and download to Baidu cloud disk.


1. Eink Center function update.
2. Added normal mode (fast refresh), automatic ghosting removal (recommended to be set as default mode); speed mode video playback optimized to 12 frames;
3. Support for ChatGPT;
5. The new system UI interaction has been optimized and upgraded, friendly and eye-catching, and the operation is smoother and more comfortable.

Note: The firmware update content of different series models is slightly different, please refer to the actual interface display.


3."Advanced" features

1.Free AI artificial intelligence, voice to text, intelligent summary, AI chat, intelligent creation, intelligent painting, intelligent translation.

AI model design, voice to text accuracy rate of over 98%, and supports translation and transcription of 37 languages. Intelligent summarization, AI chat, intelligent creation, intelligent painting, intelligent translation and other intelligent applications enjoy efficient convenience.


2.Notes+ , creating freely is more comfortable.

Equipped with the application Notes+, it supports many rich and practical functions such as layers, canvas, lasso, zoom, text insertion, etc. The rich note templates provide more space for creation, making creation more free and easy, so that it can be fully utilized.


3.Auto ghosting elimination + Anti-shake and Anti-flicker.

Bigme’s self-developed patented technology for quickly clearing ghosting, which supports both extreme and normal (default) modes, makes the ghosting minimal. Combined with anti-shake and anti-flicker functions, it refreshes smoothly without traces, providing a more pleasant experience.


4.xRapid fast refresh technology

Bigme’s self-developed xRapid fast refresh algorithm can achieve the ultimate refresh speed of up to 12 frames per second, which is basically the fastest speed that can be achieved under the current conditions of the e-ink screen.

xRapid fast refresh technology

There are more ‘advanced’ features waiting for everyone to experience in person. Bigme has been focusing on the research and development in the field of e-ink screens for 15 years. We thank our users for their unwavering support.

Let’s move forward together, and meet a stronger self! What are your expectations for Bigme in 2024? Feel free to leave us a message, let’s progress together!


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